Helga Arlington, Editor

Writing, editing, proof reading and facilitation


I charge $NZ60 per hour for editing. No gst is payable.

I am often asked to estimate how much a job will cost, and it is almost impossible to do so, because every piece of work is so different. However, for many dissertations and theses the charge will be in an approximate range of $250-$400. As you will see from the comments here, my clients find my work helpful and I have a number of ‘regulars’. I always advise how the work is going, especially if it becomes clear that it will be a longer job.

Proofreading is done very quickly. You accept/reject each change I have made.

Copy editing, where extensive changes need to be made, will take longer, but may be much faster than you expect.

  • Client Feedback

    Thank you so much for your super professional English editing support. I just finished reviewing all your changes and comments. It definitely looks a lot more better than before.

    Jack Y,AUT Masters' student