Helga Arlington, Editor

Writing, editing, proof reading and facilitation

Document writing and facilitation

  • Do you need your draft documents pulled together?
  • Do you need a facilitator to get your team’s document written?

I have written and collaborated with others to write many professional documents for a range of purposes, and will be happy to assist you with yours. Our collaboration could be by telephone / teleconference and email, and if it is practicable I could attend your meetings.

  • Client Feedback

    "Having participated with Helga Arlington on project-oriented committee work for over 15 years, I can commend her skills in assembling detailed information and presenting it effectively in a clear and understandable fashion, if need be reducing the comprehensive detail to its essence for an executive summary. She is excellent in extracting diverse material from various authors, and then merging the varied writing styles into a unified whole with stylistic consistency.

    Helga's own writing always exemplified her undoubted research, editorial and compositional skills."

    Chris Foote, barrister and solicitor, Kendall Sturm & Foote