Helga Arlington, Editor

Writing, editing, proof reading and facilitation

Document editing and proof reading

  • Is English not your first language?
  • Are you fearful that your grammar is letting down what you write?
  • Does your writing convey what you mean?
  • Is your language appropriate for your audience?
  • Are you misusing words?
  • Is your argument developed logically?

For any or all of these reasons you might wish to submit your document to me for an editor’s help.

I will go through your document and mark it up with Word’s “track changes” function. Only you will make changes, or reject them.

I will add notes, making supportive suggestions for possible revisions. We can work together collaboratively if you wish, or you can take over from here.

If you wish, I am happy to take a more active role in the re-writing.

  • Client feedback

    “I was thrilled with the prompt turnaround and the tight management of editing work to deadline. Helga's constant updates and clear communication alongside her excellent editorial skills took a lot of stress out of last minute drafting. She has the right kind of calm in the storm. Highly recommended.”

    Julie Helean, masters student, creative writing